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Our Vision

"Enable children in the slums of the world get sustainable and high-quality of education at low cost while creating a strong partnership with the communities involved."


Tools: We have developed a model that is rapidly scalable and provides high-quality of education at a very low cost.


Success: We have applied this model in the slums since 2014 with > 47,000 enrollments who successfully advanced into the school system in Bangladesh.

Send a child in a slum to school

At the low cost of $1/month

Using a proven model by DoPeace

We have put more than 10,000 children  each year in schools in the slums of Bangladesh.


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Could you be an advocate for the children in slums?

These beautiful small children need to be in schools, and not on the streets. Slum dwellers are caught up in a cycle of poverty, for decades. Times have changed, and the world has more resources, ingenuity, and technology to make changes. It is upon us to educate these children and level the playing field rigged against them. We have an opportunity for advocacy for the children in the slums of the world.

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Philosophy that Drives Us

Educating a child is one of the highest return on investment. It is like nurturing a seed, and watching that seed bud, bloom and grow into a tree.  An educated child perpetuates an educated generation.

From Slums to Streets to Schools | AiJaz Rizvi | TEDxSugarLand

Current crisis

We need contribution

DoPeace.org Ramps Up the distribution of food, and is bracing to set up our Learning Centers for Myanmar Refugees children.

There are some 240,000 children and food and shelter are the priorities. Please donate so we will be able to save the children.

Please be generous and help us to provide food urgently needed. Please go the link dopeace.org/donate and donate. Please fulfill your responsibility that the children are asking for. Please do not ignore this. Do it now!


Open Access for All

We believe that education is a key element improving human rights, raising the standard of living and provide a just and more peaceful world. We can help all children realize their full potential.


Walking distance

To reduce the number of street children through primary school education by providing classrooms coaching centers within walking distance, providing instructors within the community, and emphasis on student access to education.


Could change their lives

DoPeace values the importance of educating all children. By providing preschools and learning centers we can transform the lives of thousands of children who are now living in slums and miss out on an education that could change their lives.

From the Chairman, Dr. Shahid Ahmed



Tax Deductible: EIN 26-4314228 501(C)(3) Public Charity 100% of donations go for education

An Organization You Can Trust

DoPeace.org Developed a low cost, effective and rapid implementation preK - 5th grade STEM educational model, using cutting edge-technology and optimum use of resources. We passionately believes that this model is an instrument to provide education to the children in the slums around the world. The present cost is $1/month/child based on 10,000 children now going to schools in Bangladesh.

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DoPeace.org was founded by Dr. Shahid Ahmed to provide education to children in the slums around the world. Dr. Ahmed grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and has the first hand knowledge of the acute problems in the slums, particularly the abject poverty and lack of resources for children’s education.

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logo of Dopeace.org - Education to children

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