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DoPeace.org Staff and Student Information:


  1. Dr. Shahid Ahmed, Chairman
  2. Dewan Wasek, Bangladesh Representative


Board of Directors


  1. Shahid Ahmed, Ph.D.
  2. Manish Gorawala, MS
  3. Kevin Hoke, CPA, MS
  4. Zafar Khizer, MS


Members of Advisory Committee, Bangladesh


  1. Khandaker Asraful Islam, Program Director, Volunteer Association of Bangladesh
  2. Monju Maria Palma, ADP Manager, World Vision
  3. Md. Abul Bashar Howlader, President, Bangladesh Teachers Association
  4. Nasreen Akhter, Program Coordinator, Moortage Training and Certification
  5. Anup Kumar Sarker-Development Activist (Retired from NGO Services)
  6. Krishna Palit- Executive Director, Need For Life Society (NFLS)
  7. Dewan Wasek, Bangladesh Representative of DoPeace.org


NGO Key Personnel implementing the DoPeace Learning Centers


  1. Al Mamun, Chief Executive, PBUS, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. Jahirul Islam-Program Director, PBUS, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  3. Bani Amel Rana, Supervisor, PBUS, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  4. Halima Islam Barsha-Supervisor, PBUS, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  5. Ujjal Chakrabatty, Executive Director, DOPS, Rangpur, Bangladesh
  6. Amirul Alam Shahin- Project Officer, DOPS, Rangpur, Bangladesh
  7. Md. Ramjan Ali-Supervisor, DOPS, Saidpur, Nilphamary, Bangladesh
  8. Ahmed Ilias, Executive Director, Al-Falah, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  9. Hasan Mohammad, Chief Coordinator, Al-Falah, Dhaka Bangladesh
  10. Sazzad Ali, Supervisor, Al-Falah, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  11. Md. Nazer Ali, Executive Director, ISDE, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  12. Md. Jahangir Alam, Coordinator cum Supervisor, ISDE, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  13. Md. Nurul Islam Dulu-Executive Director, DCPUK, Rangpur, Bangladesh
  14. Md. Absus Samad-Program Director, DCPUK, Rangpur, Bangladesh
  15. Rabeya Begum-Supervisor, DCPUK, Rangpur, Bangladesh



Instructors at the DoPeace.org Learning Centers


Total No of Instructors at 45 DoPeace learning centers: 90



Student statistics and progress


  1. 2016: Total students enrolled in January in 45 learning centers: 9,450
    1. Preschool (ages 4.5 and above): 4,050
    2. After-school coaching (grades 2 - 5): 5,400
  2. 2015: Total students enrolled in 41 leaning centers: 8,610
    1. Preschool (graduated from DoPeace and enrolled in grade one in government and private primary schools): 3,173 (86% of total preschool enrollment)
    2. Preschool students who were below the age of 6 at the time of graduation and will repeat the program at DoPeace learning centers: 517 (14% of total preschool enrollment)
    3. Grade 5 after-school coaching students who passed to grade six and out of the DoPeace system: 314 (passed PSC exam)
    4. Grade 5 after-school coaching students who failed grade 5 PSC exam: 5
    5. Grades 3 - 5 coaching students who graduated and still within the DoPeace schools at the next level: 4,541
    6. Adult learning education-pilot: 60
  3. 2016: Total students under DoPeace watch: 12,623
    1. New preschool students enrolled in 2016: 3,533
    2. Under age preschool students in 2015 who are going to repeat in 2016: 517
    3. Students graduated from preschool and now in grade one in government and private primary schools: 3,173
    4. Total after-school coaching students in 2016: 5,400


2016: The list of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) funded by DoPeace.org, the locations of the slums, and the number of students:


NGO Name: Development of Poor Society (DOPS)

Near VIP Shahadat Cold Store, Kurigram Road

Rangpur, Bangladesh

Learning Centers in Saidpur, Bangladesh

Preschool students: 1,170

Coaching students:  1,560


NGO Name: Palli Bandhu Unnayan Sangstha (PBUS)

House Baliarpur, Nagarkunda, Savar

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Learning Centers in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Preschool students: 1,620

Coaching students:  2,160


NGO Name: Debi Chowdhurani Pally Unnayan Kendra (DCPUK)

Ninodi Sadan, House no.12, Road no.3/1, Satgara Mistripara

Rangpur, Bangladesh

Learning Centers in Rangpur, Bangladesh

Preschool students: 720

Coaching students:  960


NGO Name: Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE)

House #68, Level-II, Road #4, Block-B, Chandgaon R/A

Chittagong 4212, Bangladesh

Learning Centers in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Preschool students: 270

Coaching students:  360


NGO Name: Al Falah Bangladesh

9/16, Iqbal Road, Mohammadpur

Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

Learning Centers in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Preschool students: 270

Coaching students:  360













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DoPeace.org Developed a low cost, effective and rapid implementation preK - 5th grade STEM educational model, using cutting edge-technology and optimum use of resources. We passionately believes that this model is an instrument to provide education to the children in the slums around the world. The present cost is $1/month/child based on 10,000 children now going to schools in Bangladesh.

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DoPeace.org was founded by Dr. Shahid Ahmed to provide education to children in the slums around the world. Dr. Ahmed grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and has the first hand knowledge of the acute problems in the slums, particularly the abject poverty and lack of resources for children’s education.

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