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Educating the Slum Children

Al-Falah distributing Books in Geneva Camp
DoPeace Learning Center by Al-Falah in Geneva Camp
DoPeace Learning Center by Al-Falah Parant Teacher meeting
DoPeace Learning Center Coaching by SEED in Rangpur

It is an obligation that we need to personally assume. They are there for no fault of their own. Leaving them on the streets without education is something we cannot afford as this will negate the long-term peace and prosperity of the mankind. The low cost approach to effective education using high-tech tools deployed at the very basic classrooms is an experiment that we are employing the very first time. With the pilot implementation of the model at 45 DoPeace learning centers in Bangladesh in years 2014-2015, catering to 8,500 children in the slums, the model is proven to be successful. This paves the way for mass education of children in the slums of the world.


Around the world, more than 100 million children who are living in slums face the daily hardship of malnutrition, lack of healthcare and education. UNICEF reports that only about half of the children living in slums will have the opportunity to enroll in schools. Only 55% of children eventually reach Grade 5. See Fixing the Broken Promise.


These children are not getting the education they need to prepare them for primary school and to be competitive in a global economy.  We believe that education is one of the main factors that could help eliminate poverty and is a driver for creating wealth and improving their lives. According to UNESCO if all marginalized children could leave school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty.


An extra year of schooling in his/her childhood increases the individual earnings over a lifetime by 10%.


Many children are burdened with adult responsibilities from an early age. They work for their own survival and for the financial survival of their families or the people they are living with. Most parents are faced with the difficult

choice of a child continuing their education or helping the family survive by going to work. Young girls are often forced into a marriage.


DoPeace is making a change: we provide access to low cost, effective preschool education to small children ages 4-6, to slum communities of 250-500 families. In many cases, these children will simply be on the streets and not set foot in a school, if access to such a school is not available in the community. After graduation, we enroll  them in the government or private schools in grade one  and provide access to after school coaching to reduce dropout. The cost of a child participating at a DoPeace Learning Center is only $12--$25 per child, per year, depending upon the location.


Attending the after school learning center will give each child a step up in their education goals.  The possibility of continuing their education improves significantly, along with their chance to earn a higher wage.




Tax Deductible: EIN 26-4314228 501(C)(3) Public Charity 100% of donations go for education

An Organization You Can Trust Developed a low cost, effective and rapid implementation preK - 5th grade STEM educational model, using cutting edge-technology and optimum use of resources. We passionately believes that this model is an instrument to provide education to the children in the slums around the world. The present cost is $1/month/child based on 10,000 children now going to schools in Bangladesh.

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Al-Falah distributing Books in Geneva Camp
DoPeace Learning Center by Al-Falah in Geneva Camp
DoPeace Learning Center by Al-Falah Parant Teacher meeting
DoPeace Learning Center Coaching by SEED in Rangpur

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